Dartmoor National Park covers an area of 368 square miles - the largest and wildest area of open country in southern England. Throughout the year Dartmoor is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit, with deep wooded gorges, beautiful lake-like reservoirs and tumbling rocky rivers.

All of Dartmoor is owned by someone but there is legal public access to over 47,000 hectares of open country and 450 miles (730km) of public rights of way, providing miles of unspoilt spectacular scenery to enjoy. Nearly half of this is open moorland, with a further 11% covered by forests and woodland. The National Park Authority helps to look after Dartmoor's natural beauty, cultural heritage and the economic and social well-being of the 33,400 people who live and work on Dartmoor.

Amongst the first to have their inspiration and imagination captured by Dartmoor were poets, painters, writers and musicians. In more recent years, the magic and mystery of Dartmoor has woven its spell over an ever increasing number of people of all ages and walks of life who simply enjoy the great outdoors.

From spectacular, wide open moorland to more secluded and sheltered tree-lined river valleys, Dartmoor has so much more to offer all year round. And Dartmoor asks for little in return, just respect for its unique environment and your help in looking after it, a price well worth paying so that everyone can enjoy Dartmoor now and for generations to come.


Dartmoor National Park Authority - (Free Dartmoor Guide 01822 890 414)

Dartmoor Folk Festival - 01837 840 102

Ancient Dartmoor

Museum of Dartmoor Life - 01837 522 95

Dartmoor Prison Museum - 01822 322 130